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Rivivera is not just made with recycled content. it’s also made with integrity. it took us years to develop our proprietary process, to make Rivivera certifiably sustaibable. Since the beginning, it’s been continually improving as we develop  new technology.

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Turning Plastic Waste Into Clothes

Most of us are aware of the plastic waste problem we face. As we aim to reduce plastic pollution, turning plastic waste into clothes could be a game-changer. From big brands to young, considerate business owners, green clothing is set to become a serious trend.  The reality of the situation is more than alarming. There are plastic water bottles floating around the oceans and plastic waste damaging wildlife. Clearly, we have a big problem with plastic waste that we need to face up to. Thankfully we can now see all sorts of innovations helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that makes its way into our natural environment. To reduce plastic waste, we need to reduce, reuse and recycle – or rethink! From banning the bag through to swaps to more sustainable packaging and reusable items, we’re making progress. Amongst growing concern, reusing and recycling plastic we would otherwise discard to create clothing looks set to help to make a dent in the overall problem.


50% Less Energy

55% Fewer Carbon Emissions

20% Less Water


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Rivivera is a very good family in which everyone is supportive. Rivivera is huge manufacturer of Clothes from Plastic Bottles . Rivivera had installed new tool manufacturing Unit also. Overall Rivivera is a very good company where lots of things which you can learn for your bright future.
Ragini Rai
Rivivera has many different positions and all of them can lead to different opportunities. It is a nice place to work with nice people to work with. Good benefits and is ow employee owned.​
Preeti Kapoor
This company is an old but new company. I learned a many things in my time as an employee here. Throughout the years change has been constant but so has growth. Overall as a manufacturing business, the company completes many processing jobs for a many companies. The company has been around for quite some time and I don’t see it going anywhere no time soon.
Madhu Shukla